The Book of Solutions

This is a collection of anti-bullying solution ideas from around the world. Sir Rod Patterson has been on the front lines of fighting bullying for over 20 years by presenting at hundreds of schools. While visiting the schools, Patterson noticed that many schools would have great unique solutions to tackle the problem of bullying, and although there were many out of the box solutions, this wasn’t found in all schools. The opposite extreme were other schools, teachers, parents and students who seemed to not have a clue how to handle the problem of bullying. Patterson says this is a clear case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing, so he wanted to pair the two and share his experience and discoveries with everyone! The goal of this book is to provide resources and solutions to eradicate bullying from ALL schools!


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10 Commandments of the Stage

This step by step musician’s guide is a must read performance and artist development manual for Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, Rock and Country artists of all levels. Artists will gain performance techniques and tips learned by an industry professional for over 25 years. For new artists wanting to grace the stage and enter the music industry, the wisdom shared within these pages will be invaluable in saving time, money and a lot of frustration. The advice printed on these pages has been tried and proven. So, stop reinventing-the-wheel and getting nowhere! This well-written book will give you, the reader, an edge in talent shows, concerts as well as auditions.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00057]10 Commandments of Child Support

What happens when you don’t make your child support payments?

In most cases, you’re basically screwed! Think of it as the government releasing the Kraken upon you. Not paying child support is viewed as defying or in contempt of court. Once you’re in contempt, a chain reaction of events will occur, such as wage garnishment, tax liens, freezing of bank accounts, suspension of driver’s or business licenses, and etc.  In addition, you may be subject to losing any property owned. If all else fails, you could be looking at jail time.

This book will guide you through what most see as a very complex and confusing system. Within the pages that you’ll read, Sir Rod Patterson has asked men to learn from his mistakes. For someone who was in the child support system for over 26 years and went from paying  $72 a month, as a teenager, to $1200 a month, as an adult, Patterson definitely has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the do’s and donts of this system. Patterson goes on to suggest that it is time for men to stop running from responsibility and time to turn around and face the music.

The “Ten Commandments of Child Support” is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, female or male. Patterson’s purpose for writing this book is to, somehow, rid men of the fear associated with the thought of anyone controlling them with the words “child support.”


333andMe_Cover Mockup333 and Me

Ask yourself, what part do numbers play in your life? I have learned that numbers are an indelible part of all our lives. No matter your race, religion or circumstances, numbers are as attached to us as we are to our own skin. Immediately upon asking yourself that initial question, the most common number that may come to mind is your date of birth. From there one might consider that they have five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot, two ears, two eyes, their age, weight, height, waist size, dress size, shoe size, time of day, month, year, etc, etc. Taking that thought process a half-step further, you find your social security number, street address, phone number, monthly bills, your many account numbers and the list goes on. Another half-step further reveals yet more numbers: the speed limit, prices, floor number, start time at work, employee number, etc, etc. By now, you get the point that everything we experience with our five senses can be expressed and represented by numbers. Some numbers change over time, like our weight and height while others are static and remain unchanged, like our date of birth. In either case, everything can be expressed through numbers; everything has its numbers. Even the very letters we use to form the words we speak in all languages have a numeric representation. You will discover once you delve deeper into what numbers mean, as I did, that they have a language all their own. Just as your parents that created you gave you a name, this language that the universe speaks gave you a number and it is around you at all times in some form. If you are lucky enough to identify the name the universe gave you, I have come to believe that its meaning is the purpose for which you were created. So, from this point forward make it a point to notice the numbers around you and perhaps you too will hear the universe calling to you as it did to me through the number 3 3 3.