Come Together | Official Promo

Every now and then, a new blues act comes along that breaks the mold, putting its own distinctive spin on the music.

 Satan and Adam, a Harlem street duo and Living Blues cover story back in the 1990s, was such an act.  Satan & Adam, a Netflix documentary, tells that story—the odyssey of guitarist/percussionist Sterling “Mr. Satan” Magee and harmonica player Adam Gussow, a creative partnership that endured over the decades.

Now another remarkable act has been born.  Gussow and his Mississippi-based Blues Doctors duo have teamed up with Sir Rod Patterson, an Atlanta-area singer, dancer, and motivational speaker who happens to be….Mr. Satan’s nephew?

Yes!  “Star Child” was Magee’s nickname for his sister Ollie’s only  son.  And Sir Rod—as he’s known in Atlanta’s schools for his  anti-bullying crusades—lives up to the title.  An incredibly dynamic  performer who specializes in the music of Ray Charles, James Brown, Sam  Cooke, and Michael Jackson, he was born to sing, and work, the blues.

With Patterson up front, Gussow on amplified harmonica and drums, and  Alan Gross on guitar, Sir Rod and the Blues Doctors offer a powerful mix  of down-home blues, old-school soul, and uptown funk.  Their debut  album, Come Together, due out in the summer of 2020, features  Satan and Adam favorites, including “I Want You,” “Sanctified Blues,”  and “Unlucky in Love,” stirred together with “What’d I Say,” “I Feel  Good,” “Little Red Rooster,” plus the catchy jam-band single, “Come  Together,” a Gussow-Patterson original that speaks to the COVID-19  crisis.

“Freedom for my People,” an anthem of Magee’s that preaches hope and  cries out against injustice, is one of the album’s high points, a  showcase for Sir Rod’s soulful vocals.

There’s no other trio quite like the Sir Rod and the Blues Doctors.  Perfect for your festival, club date, or private party.