Sir Rod’s Mr. One Man Show is a leading provider of Character Education and Youth Assembly programs encouraging young minds to make good choices through entertainment. His goal is to raise youth achievement, Instill Integrity in our young people, Improve School Culture, Pro-Social Behavior and the Importance of Higher Education. Sir Rod uses the arts to deliver a high impact message to youth in a way they can readily receive. He breaks down the barriers our young people put up by meeting them on their level. Sir Rod’s performance skills earn the right to be heard by the student body as he brings music, dance and comedy to the school. Once a common rapport is established, Sir Rod the motivational speaker… speaks “real talk” to students about the power of choice, moral character and stopping bullying. Sir Rod fills that future health of our society depends on the character of its people.


As motivational speaker and youth mentor Sir Rod Patterson danced across the Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School’s gym floor, teachers and students were ready to rock the house down.
Patterson dressed up as James Brown, Michael Jackson and other singers, lip-synching their greatest hits. Students screamed, teachers laughed and some members of the superintendent’s cabinet danced.
After five minutes of singing and dancing at the “Take a Stand Lend a Hand” rally, a different side of Patterson comes out. Patterson detailed the different types of bullying a student could encounter in their lives, from physical and cyberbullying
to “self-bullying.” He encouraged the audience to “don’t ignore it, report it.” Patterson also stressed the importance of talking to school counselors and friends to help prevent bullying when it occurs.

“If you do nothing, you are an accidental bully,” Patterson said during the rally, which students from several Rich­mond County schools, board of education members and parents attended. “Don’t ignore it. Don’t laugh along. Get involved and help to stop it.” Patterson said bullying is a very serious problem at schools nationwide.

“It’s pretty bad out there, looking at it generally,” Patterson said. “You see the kind of physical stuff most people associate with that word, but also cyberbullying and the kind of self-bullying created by low self-esteem. It’s definitely a problem that needs to be addressed. Rallies like this help set the mindset for the school year and help students dealing with the problem.”
After his show, attendees took an “anti-bullying” pledge, promising to stand up to all forms of bullying.

The rally ended with words from Superintendent Angela Pringle, who said that there is “no room” for bullying in the school system. “I want you to take home this message. This is one of the issues that really hurts student achievement. If students don’t feel good about school, they will not be able to do well,” Pringle said. “How you feel matters. I need all of you here to own this. From this month on, we will have no bullying in this school system.”

By Sean Gruber
Staff Writer – Augusta Chronicle


Motivational speaker and author Rod Patterson made an appearance Thursday at the Lide White Memorial Boys & Girls Club/Family & Community Center to speak to kids about drugs and bullying. Patterson is on what he calls his “Five and Fun” tour where children are rewarded with five minutes of fun for every five minutes of learning about topics including peer pressure and how to say no when offered a drug. Patterson, who was brought to Madison by The Club for Teens organization, made appearances in several area schools to celebrate Red Ribbon Week — a national anti-drug campaign. On Saturday, Patterson will offer a free program open to the community at 7 p.m. at Madison Assembly of God church.